We deliver many of the brands influencers recommend across all their channels, direct to you. Whether that’s fashion, make up, food, travel or lifestyle items – we provide them direct to your door or inbox.

Not only do we link you to the brands they love. Many Creators are now creating partnerships with brands to create exclusive lines. We also provide you with the products made specifically for them in exclusive brand-creator partnerships.

Finally, we provide you with opportunities to connect with and obtain exclusive content; from DJ mixes, to shout outs, or exclusive books. Want to collab with an influencer? Taptin can arrange that as well! Sounds exciting?

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TAPTIN – Supporting influencers

Influencers get paid for what they help sell on TAPTIN. We share the monies we collect with our influencers. If you shop on TAPTIN you are supporting the influencer and NOT some faceless corporate shareholders, or a multi national paying workers minimum wage.

The majority of influencers don’t earn vast sums through their social channels. In fact most earn very little, despite helping to build brands and create huge engagement for social media platforms. We aim to spread the love (!) with all our users and influencers.

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